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Exclusive PNG

Exclusive PNG

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Exclusive customs are a seamless file or PNG that is exclusive to you/your shop ONLY. I will never resell your specific exclusive.

I do reserve the right to make a file with a similar concept but these files will always be completely different elements, layouts, colors, etc.

You are not allowed to sell/give these files away to others. You reserve the right to use and print these files but I still own the rights to the file as the artist.

You are allowed to purchase an exclusive with the intention of having another small shop owner make you a product out of it. If this is the case the shop owner is NOT allowed to use this file outside of you. If they would like to use this file outside of your personal order, they will be required to pay for the file.

TAT for customs/logos is currently 15-20 business days (excluding weekends and holidays)
TAT begins AFTER we discuss your vision for the file/logo and I can begin working on it.

TAT can take longer with the purchase of multiple files, but I will send each as they are complete!

Files can be rushed for an additional $25 rush fee!

Once purchased, please send me an email with your order # so we can discuss the theme of your file and if you have any specific elements you’d like to have included!

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