☮︎ FAQS ☮︎


☮︎ Each file is made in Procreate and set at 12 x 12 inches, 300 DPI.

Files are sold as a finished, flattened image.

Colors may vary depending on different devices and monitors or different printers.

The following are absolutely NOT allowed and will result in removal from the VIP page as well as being blocked from further ordering on my website:

- tracing/remaking this file to sell as your own.

- taking my designs to another designer to remake the same file in their own style.

- altering this image in any way.

- file sharing or posting an non watermarked image.

- uploading to print on demand sites.


☮︎ Fabric/transfer shops or wholesale shops are required to obtain a commercial license for each file that you will be mass printing.

Further commercial licensing is not required with the purchase of a yearly drive as the cost of the yearly drive covers the licensing cost.

I do not allow my files to be used in mystery or discounted fabric/transfer sales if you do not own the file. If you misprint a custom and want to use it in a mystery/discounted sale you MUST purchase both the file and proper licensing.

I do not take on any responsibility of any misprints or issues with color due to the machine you use to print. I do take responsibility if there are any errors with the file such as: file is not truly seamless or any accidental lines or other errors that are not meant to be on the file. If you have an issue please feel free to send me an email so I can quickly get it resolved.

I do NOT allow overseas/mass printing for items without approval as well as proper contracts signed by your retailer stating that the file(s) will not be used outside of your personal order.


☮︎ Customs and logos are currently CLOSED.

Exclusive customs are a seamless file or PNG that is exclusive to you/your shop ONLY. I will never resell your specific exclusive.

I do reserve the right to make a file with a similar concept but these files will always be completely different elements, layouts, colors, etc.

You are not allowed to sell/give these files away to others. You reserve the right to use and print these files but I still own the rights to the file as the artist.

You are allowed to purchase an exclusive with the intention of having another small shop owner make you a product out of it. If this is the case the shop owner is NOT allowed to use this file outside of you. If they would like to use this file outside of your personal order, they will be required to pay for the file.

Regular customs are a seamless file or PNG that I am allowed to list/sell outside of you.

I reserve the right to list customs for sale immediately on my site if desired.

TAT for customs/logos is currently 15-20 business days (excluding weekends and holidays)

TAT begins AFTER we discuss your vision for the file/logo and I can begin working on it.

☮︎ FAQS ☮︎

☮︎ What are seamless files used for?

- Seamless files can be used for tons of different things! Seamless files are a flattened image on a colored background that repeat over and over again and can be scaled to the size of your desire. Seamless files most often are used to get printed on all different types of fabric to be used for items such as clothing, bows, accessories, canopy covers, blankets, towels, cups, the list goes on! PNG files are flattened images that have a transparent background and are most often used for t-shirts, cups, stickers, bags, etc!

☮︎ Why are the seamless files cut off on the edges/why do the seamless files sometimes download showing less than advertised?

- Seamless files are shown cut off on the edges due to the nature of flipping the images from the inside out when creating them in procreate to get them to line up perfectly. No need to worry as once they are scaled to desire and printed the edges will all match up and repeat the pattern over and over. :) Seamless files you may receive in download that are smaller than shown as advertised are just not yet scaled down further to show more of the image. The further you scale down the image the more you will see!

☮︎ How do i access my files after I place my order?

- After placing your order, on the confirmation screen there will be a pop up that says "access downloads", once you click the button it will show you the files you purchased and under each there will be another button that says "access now/download now". Once you properly download your images be sure to save them in a safe spot where you can easily find and access them! You will also receive a confirmation email to the email used at check out that you can access your downloads from!

☮︎ Where do I get my files printed from?

- There are tons of fabric and transfer shops that can get your files printed for ya! I would suggest searching some groups on facebook but also always feel free to post in our VIP page asking for recommendations from others! :)

☮︎ If you have any other questions or need something further clarified that I already covered please feel free to reach out me by email! aspynreigndesigns@gmail.com